Interested in Becoming an Umpire?

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  • To become a member you must be 18 years old. Any youth officials are welcome to attend any and all training and clinics.  There are opportunities for youth umpires with many local Little Leagues.
  • No umpire experience is necessary.
  • Most High School Games start at 4:30 PM during the week, with some games on Saturdays.  You should plan to arrive at the game 30 minutes prior to game time.  Summer Games start at 6:00 PM during the week.

To become a Baseball/Softball Umpire with RDUA:

  • Sign up on HorizonWebRef which RDUA uses for all Availability, Assignments, and Communications. To set up an account, visit HorizonWebRef.  The Association # is 205353, and select "Official" for User Type.

To become a High School Baseball Umpire:

  • Attend as many Classroom Clinics as possible.  A minimum of five (5) classroom clinics is recommended for non-Varsity members.  View meeting dates, times and locations on the Meeting Information page.
  • Attend at least one (1) field clinic.  Field clinics are on Sundays in January and February at the MCC Fieldhouse and offer the opportunity to call live baseball scrimmages with trainers providing instant feedback.  Additional field clinics may be added.
  • Complete NFHS Exam.  Please add the chapter name "Rochester" so it will be properly recorded.  You can re-take the test as many times as necessary to reach a minimum score of 80%.
  • All sports officials are required to be fingerprinted and cleared by the New York State Education Department (NYSED).  More information on this one-time process can be found here: Fingerprinting Procedures for Section V Officials.
  • With President or Board approval some of these requirements may be modified on a case by case basis.

Game Fees

  • High School Games. Varsity $95.25 / JV $71.45 / Modified $61.90.  If working a game alone game fees are multiplied by 1.5 times.  A voucher is completed at the game and the school will mail a check to you.
  • Summer Game Fees vary by age and level starting at $70 and up.  Games are paid by different methods depending upon the league: paid at the field, paid by the league via PayPal, or by check mailed by the association.


  • Membership dues must be paid each year.  Membership with RDUA, NYSBUA, and/or NFHS is included with dues.
  • For those officials working high school, they must pay to complete the NYSED Fingerprinting process.  Once cleared, 50% of this cost is reimbursed by Section V. 
  • Uniform and Plate Equipment can be purchased new or used.  Some items may be available from other members.
    • Uniforms may be purchased from any NYSBUA Approved Distributors.  The Uniform includes NYSBUA Hat, NYSBUA Shirt, Pants, Black Belt, Shoes, Black Socks.  An NYSBUA Jacket is advised for the area weather conditions.
    • Plate Equipment includes Mask or Helmet, Chest Protector, Shin Guards, Ball Bags, Plate Brush, Indicator, Cup, and Plate Shoes.
  • Section V is providing a New Officials Incentive Program.  There is a pool of money that will be divided up by all new officials in the Spring season that qualify for the program - the max reimbursement is $100.  To qualify you must: 1) make the mandatory number of meetings for the year.  2) Be available to be assigned. 3) Complete the season as a working official. 4) Be in good standing of the organization.  You must apply by April 15th of the first year of officiating.  Payments will be made at the beginning of the second season of officiating.