6-1-3 ART. 3 . . . For the set position the pitcher shall have the ball in either his gloved hand or pitching hand. His pitching hand shall be down at his side or behind his back. Before starting the delivery, he shall stand with his entire non-pivot foot in front of a line extending through the front edge of the pitcher’s plate and with his entire pivot foot in contact with or directly in front of and parallel to the pitcher’s plate…any other infielder.
Rationale: To eliminate any confusion or circumvention of the set position pitching rule by a pitcher or coach. Also, to emphasize the pivot foot requirement to be in a legal set position.

7-3-5c ART. 5 . . .Interfere with the catcher’s fielding or throwing by:
a. Unchanged language.
b. Unchanged language.
c. Making any other movement, including backswing interference, which hinders action at home plate or the catcher’s attempt to play on a runner, or
d. Unchanged language.
Rationale: Current rule does not address this specific type of interference.